“You assisted me and brought out emotions of the purest.”



Susan, I would like to share my experience with you in our session.  You have given me validation and the ability to let go of control issues that I have suppressed for many years.  You have a wonderful gift of knowing what one needs to “hear”.  The validation to resonate and believe with no doubt or reservation.

I am for the first time believing and knowing that indeed I am with something so special in my own abilities with my Spirit, Pure Source and path to truly helping others to enhance Health and Wellness.

I truly believe I am open and without question, to just be and allow.  You assisted me and brought out emotions of the purest.  Tears of joy and a release of heaviness within. I now can truly see and feel a more vibrant version of myself.   I am so looking forward to experiencing life with a new profound view and enlightenment.

I indeed realize my path, questions have clarity and truly have belief in my own abilities in helping others.

Thank you for your wonderful gift of assisting myself and others.   You truly are a very special Woman. ~ Love Darlene, Vancouver, B.C.




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