“I want to thank you and Karin for that incredible session last Sunday and give you feedback and my impressions of our time together. Do you remember, when I was holding the mirror in that special position? I still can feel this overwhelming white and golden and brightest light that came into me… This was one of the most impressive and exciting and most joyful moments of my life. And then there was this clearance from my Grandpa’s spirit/energies. I thought I already did this “clearance“ with other methods. But this time it was completely different. It is so hard for me to describe this in words… But for the first time since he died, I have the feeling he is really gone. Although I loved him so much and still do, I can feel that it’s good that he is there and I am here. After our session I felt like being, new born“. There was just love and peace and joy and excitement and enthusiasm… From the bottom of my heart and all the love I have, I THANK YOU so much for these moments. And I can only say: I want to have more of it. I want to stay in this powerful connection with the pure source. Thank you, Susan, for being such a wonderful guide to higher/est frequencies.” ~ Verena, Vienna


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