The Perfect Present is You!









When you realize how magnificent you really are, if you connect with the inner wisdom and have the courage to truly be who you are and to live your truth, then everything that you have to give will flow back to you.   You will not only make yourself the greatest present but you will be the greatest present for others.


YOU are the gift that cannot be bought in any store.  If in every moment of your life you are ready to do the best, truthfully and lovingly give your best from your heart, than you will have learned how to be and stay in unity with yourself and others.


If you are single, perhaps you have put together a long and challenging checklist of how your perfect partner should be. Did you know that the best present that you ever could receive will never be found on that list?  Because that perfect gift is YOU.  So first start to make a checklist about yourself, then demand the very best of yourself.  This way you will start to follow that precious guidance, allowing yourself to maintain the standard of excellence.


In this frequency session, Karin will work on and bring forth the forgotten truth, brilliance, grace and beauty that of what was long forgotten and that you have been deprived of for so long.

Becoming again the present, that in truth you are for yourself, for others, for the world!  To accommodate and be of service, through your oneness and the value that you embody.


In this healing program, Karin will duplicate herself. This high efficiency is a special feature in her new programs. It allows her to work on all participants at the same time and yet individually, and is clearly experienced by many.


Following this intense program, you will receive a link via mail for the MP3 download of the meditation healing, to continuously bathe in those healing frequencies and let them work for you in the future.





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