The session with you was beautiful.  I felt a lot of movement. At first it was a detox and I felt lightheaded and nauseous.  That’s why I needed to sit down.  I felt things leaving me.  You indicated you saw the frequency that left through my left hand.  I could certainly feel it flowing out.  You sensed something on the left side of the throat and your intonations released whatever was holding me. My overall energy was up as a result of the session, and has continued to be. I felt free  afterwards. Your insight that my heart has been constricted from previous lifetimes rings true.  I have not been able to intuit any sense of what happened or what needs to be released, I do sense that layers are being peeled away.  As I mentioned, I feel hopeful that I am indeed stepping into my future. The heart repair feels like it is a powerful part of the opening and deepening.  I trust and sense that things are just showing up as I open and make myself ready to receive whatever blessings and challenges arise.

It is all gift!  I am grateful that you are a part of my journey!




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