Remote and Personal Sessions K. Sterling will lead you through a meditation at the beginning of the 40 Minute session to combine the power of meditation with the healing power of the pure essence, to supercharge you into higher frequencies.


At these higher frequencies Susan will help you, by tapping into your Higher Self to benefit automatically from the unlimited abundance of the universal energy in all areas of your life.


Any blockages will naturally fall away at these higher frequencies.


Imagine getting on to the right path that will lead you to the life you’ve always desired.


To assist you in reaching your true potential, remote sessions are available throughout the year.



⇒  40 Minute Session, $96



⇒ 4 Day Program (40 Minutes per day) $360

“Susan discovered this dying, dark energy in my right abdominal area,  that had been sucking my life force from me.  She gracefully took it out and away.  Miraculously my back pain instantly disappeared. Your work with me has truly been amazing. I continue to hold my space relative to the frequency you removed and I sense I am getting stronger. “


Word of caution: For some the paradigm shift may be too great. Do not take part if you are not ready for rapid change in your life.



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