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One of my greatest passions is assisting people with their self-empowerment and wellbeing. I have worked professionally in social service systems, with elderly individuals, as well as those with developmental disabilities and mental health and behavioral issues. Experiencing the limitations within those systems, as well as within myself, propelled me to find a way to move beyond what appeared to be the impossible to the limitless and I am the living proof.


I have been on the path searching like everyone else, looking outward and upward for answers and inspiration. No matter how much money, time and energy I spent, I still was unable to move beyond the patterns of lack I had created.


Once I started working with Karin A. Haemmerle, connecting to the Pure Source and with her guidance in awakening my spirit and changing my frequencies, those patterns of lack started to shift.


Utilizing my own experience, coming from lack in every area of my life, into physical, mental, emotional, financial and relational abundance, my passion has now taken me beyond the field of social services. With my growing abilities, I now have the honor to work with people one on one or in workshops and teach them on such deeply intimate, passionate and comforting levels, watching their lives transform in front of my eyes. Won’t you join me?



“I actually meant to write and share my experience with you earlier, but the ripples continue so I’m glad I waited. So much that I have been struggling with just cleared during and after our session last Sunday. My frequency during the week felt like it remained strong and even rose higher at times. Then yesterday when I spoke to someone with whom I share a deep quantum entanglement, I found that he had also experienced a profound shift on Sunday evening as well.  I am positive it is no coincidence.  I look so forward to continuing to connect with you and the Pure Source.”





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