“Often I felt my body did not belong to me.”




“Susan is a especially gifted and mysterious woman.  Her mirror reading is one of a kind, unbelieveable in her abilities.   For so many years I always had the feeling that a dark shadow was eating me up inside.  Often I felt my body did not belong to me.  In this mirror reading Susan recognized immediately what it was.  She saw my deepest fears and explained them to me accurately and showed me what it was.  In one session Susan freed me of this dark shadow.  She answered the questions that I had been looking for so many years and that I had given up on. After the session with Susan I felt relief and freed.  I can now feel my body better and my legs as well as if I’m connected with the earth.  When I walk I feel lighter and safer.  My daughter who I had not seen in a few days said to me , “Ohhhh mama you look so much younger.”  I am so grateful Susan to get to know you and the mysterious special ability you have.  Susan, thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Yasemin, Hamburg, Germany




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