“I had been struggling for a few days with strong coughing and a fever. As it kept getting worse I decided to request an emergency session with Karin. I had experienced pneumonia a year ago and was fearful that was where I was heading. Karin responded quickly and asked if I would be open to having Darlene and Susan work on me as well. I was completely surprised but open for the new experience.During this session, Susan used mirror reading and was able to pinpoint the reasons for the disorders. I was able to follow her perceptions and gain understanding of the root of where my lifelong issues originated. Obviously I am at a point in my life where I am ready to recognize and solve it. Darlene assisted me with creating a stronger connection for myself with the pure source. I was able to feel all three of them, Karin, Darlene and Susan working on me. Honestly, after the end of this session, my chest space opened and I could breathe more easily. Within the next day the fever was gone and my lungs and bronchus felt better and better. The fear of getting pneumonia totally dissolved. So thank to all of you for this very powerful and effective session.” ~ Michael, Vienna



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