I had been experiencing ongoing dizziness, fatigue and loss of hearing in my right ear. I made an appointment with my doctor and was told I had a sinus infection which had effected my hearing, and that I would need to receive steroid shots into my ear, with no guarantee of my hearing returning. I decided I would not claim that and made an appointment with you. The night before our appointment I was awakened by a loud ringing in my ear and felt you were working on me then. During our session I felt very calm and relaxed, it felt like my body was getting a good stretch. The next day I felt more energized than I had in a long time. The ringing in my ears had lessened and so had the dizziness. Then a few days later I was listening to my MP3 player through earphones and suddenly realized the hearing in my right ear had returned, I was so happy! I do not need to have the shots in my ear! Thank You!



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