Fulfilling Relationships




Everyone dreams of finding or being the perfect partner. Few people are fortunate enough to find him/her.  Most people settle for less, fearful of being alone, going from one relationship to another or staying in relationships that are unfulfilling, abusive, and loveless.


It is a thin line between love and hate, depending on what frequency we are resonating in.  We may have the best of intentions entering into relationships that start off with a heightened state of emotion, but eventually we find ourselves back in the same old patterns.


What if instead of looking out there for the perfect partner, we started to look within ourselves? What if we no longer had to live with the fear of being alone, or settling for less?


Until we truly experience that love, acceptance and total fulfillment of who we are, those old patterns will be continually repeating over and over again, leaving us unfulfilled. What if instead of searching for the right partner, YOU are the right partner, just by being and loving who you are?


In this Healing Meditation on Fulfilling Relationships, Susan K. Sterling will guide you on an inner journey, tapping into that deeply hidden reservoir of your true being and assisting you in bringing it to the surface. Create a loving, accepting relationship with yourself, where the ability to attract loving, healthy relationships with others truly begins.



This 40 minute session is available via Skype or in person.  Cost of session and MP3 download of meditation – $80.00 via paypal.







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