Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when you call me?

After an initial discussion about your concerns, I will guide you through a meditation, so you’ll become more transparent, making it easier for me to work on you. It’s my job to channel things out that are no longer useful for you to make room for higher frequencies. My work starts on various levels in the first minutes of our conversation.

What is the best way for me to prepare?

Please wait for my call in a quiet, comfortable place in order to get the most out of the session. Even though it is not essential, it will reinforce our session if you can get into a meditative state at least 15 minutes beforehand.

How does this work from a distance?

In our essence we are all connected with one another, so for me it does not matter whether you’re in the same room or on the other side of the world. It’s all about frequencies and they can be changed through awareness.

What is quantum physics and what can I read that describes it in a meaningful way?

I highly recommend Dr. Deepak Chopra’s writing on Quantum Healing, or Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research and writing about the wisdom of our cells – that each cell is an intelligent organism. There are numerous additional sources including David Bohm, one of the most respected quantum physicists in the world and the neurophysiologist Karl Pribram who, with the help of a holographic model, discovered a variety of phenomena could be interpreted which previously were very difficult to grasp and escaped general scientific understanding. These phenomena include telepathy, precognition, the mystical feeling of becoming one with the universe, and even psycho-kinesis – the ability of the mind to set objects in motion without touching them.

Are you a quantum healer?

I’m often called that but I don’t use this term because my programs are about activating self-healing powers. A healer is someone who was sick and got well; a particularly good healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly.
I prefer to describe myself as a facilitator or guide in the higher frequencies with which I have already attuned. The frequency of the person receiving is lovingly increased as far as they allow.

What exactly do you do?

I work with frequencies/vibrations that can be changed in our favour – and do this on three different levels. I navigate through the body, bring our spirit closer around and within us and connect us once again with the pure essence.

What is expected of me?

Use the simple tool that I give you, play with it, try it out, invite your new friend (spirit) to share in your life, connect yourself with the purest universal origin, become aware, pay attention.

What exactly do you mean by spirit; it sounds like being possessed by something?

Our body breathes through our spirit, our heart beats and millions of other processes run without our control or attention; without it, the body cannot live.

Spirit is a term which we already know from the ancient scriptures: Father – the pure source; where everything is created from, everything goes back to it. Son – the spirit is a splinter of the pure source, also known as the Higher Self; some people also experience it as their guardian angel. The Holy Ghost – the body, because your spirit creates your physical body, which actually is almost like a hologram. Spirits may also be experienced as wandering energies without their own bodies that then inhabit living people. That is another subject of healing.

How long will it take until my illness heals?

It varies with each individual case and it’s related to the programs of this life and past lives – how and when it allows your spirit to heal. I never make promises but I know from experience that healing always takes place on different levels.

Why do I get so tired after a treatment with you? Why do I always have to yawn during the meditation?

Yawning is another wonderful way of letting go of old low frequencies, just like crying can be. After a session with me listen to your body; if you’re tired and fall asleep, things are coming together for you, which is very good.

I got sick after a session/seminar with you. Why?

This may be a part of the process that some people experience. You may go through a detoxification process in various areas of your life, which can be uncomfortable for a time – much like a cleansing process in which the underlying poisons are flushed from our cells.

How do I know that I am connected with higher frequencies?

Each of us experiences that in a different manner, for example, by feeling tingling sensations, warmth and in some cases cold, sometimes even as wind or water; but mainly it feels perfectly natural since we originally come from high frequencies and feel truly at home there, we access this expansion more and more in a neutral state.

Apart from the physical changes, what concrete effects do they have on my life?

Your conditions and circumstances will begin to change in an almost effortless manner, your level of consciousness expands and infinite possibilities permeate all areas of your life. You can learn a great deal about the results of working with me through the Experience Reports on this site that have been so generously submitted by many other clients.






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