“Susan’s pleasant way of communicating what she saw in the mirror when she worked on me is inspiring confidence although it is extraordinary what she is doing. Her ability is to see what is happening in my spirit space and my body and she gave me a precise report of what she saw and worked on.  Her explanations were absolutely comprehensible (traceable) and enlightening.  To be honest, I don’t know how she does her great work, but what I experienced is, the removal of external influences in my shoulders that were controlling me and which I had no idea of.  But after her intervention I felt noticeable relief like a purification.  Clarity in my mind and a light mood were the result. She assisted me in raising my awareness for the different energies that surround me and to deepen my connection to the pure source because as we are ascending we become more attractive for strange entities as well.


That night I had a dream and in the dream I suddenly realized that an external energy was “working“ on my neck. It was an uncomfortable experience.  I then woke up and I remembered Susan’s words! I asked whether this strange energy was from the pure source and then I meditated for a while.  I was then able to sleep again undisturbed. Thank you Susan for your wonderful and helpful contribution in clearing my inner and outer “system” while being on my spiritual journey!




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