“First I wanted to take this time to once again say thank you for visiting us at our spiritual dance evening.  You said after it was over to notice, or pay attention to what was different in the following days. The best way that I can describe the change in myself is to say that I felt unencumbered as I have not felt in a while.  The last few weeks or so I have been fighting a strong onset of SAD.  I began feeling drained and anxious.  I did some research and went on high doses of vitamin D3 which seemed to be helping me to not bottom out so much or so easily.  My Monday night dance usually makes me somewhat tired on Tuesday and a typical Wednesday wears me out at work. The benefits from the dancing never last past Thursday. This week was so different. I have remained on my feet the whole day at my job.  All of my observant co-workers noticed the difference in me.  I was in a much better, more open, less stressed state of mind ALL week.  I got caught up on so much at work which has not happened in too long.  I feel as if half of the worries in my life are no longer of any major consequence.  You worked on me twice directly on the dance floor and both times I felt different during or right after. The first time I opened my eyes the whole room was more crisp, pleasant and a brighter hue. The second time it felt as though my temperature momentarily rose about 10 or so degrees. That could have been nerves but I did not think so. I can’t wait to work with you again in the future. I had to write you before leaving for tonight’s dance because I can still feel the effects of last week and wanted to thank you again.”




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